Handling of Complaints Related to Marine Safety User Fees and Applicable Service Standards

Transport Publication - TP 13585 E

TP 13585 E
Marine Safety Management System (Online Manual) - Policy

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1  Policy Objective    

1.1 This policy established a mechanism for addressing complaints received in Marine Safety relating to issues involving user fees and related service standards.

2  Policy Statement

2.1 Upon receipt of a complaint about a proposed user fee received within the period set out in a notice issued, Marine Safety shall adhere to the procedures and timelines set out in Section 4.1 of the User Fees Act (UFA).

2.1.1 The member of the panel stipulated in Section 4.1 of the UFA, representing Marine Safety, will be the Director responsible for the regulation and fee(s) in question.

2.2 Complaints received about an existing fee and/or applicable service standard(s) will be categorized and handled by Marine Safety in the following manner:

2.2.1 First Level – complaints received orally to and handled by the inspector (regions) or applicable OPI (headquarters).

2.2.2 Second Level – complaints received orally and in writing addressed to and handled by the region (inspector, Manager and, if required, Regional Director).  Complaints received in Headquarters will be handled by the Manager, Director and if required Director General.

2.2.3 Third Level – complaints received in writing referred by the region or addressed directly to and handled by Headquarters.

2.2.4 Final Level – complaints addressed to the Minister of Transport handled as prescribed by departmental standards.

2.3 All complaints will be documented in writing and placed on the appropriate file(s).

3  Scope

3.1 This policy applies to complaints received under the UFA, existing fees and/or related service standards, and will be addressed by all Marine Safety Directors responsible for these areas of operation.

4  Authority

4.1 User Fees Act

4.2 Canada Shipping Act and applicable regulations

5  Responsibility/ further information

5.1 The Director General Marine Safety is accountable for the development, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the policy.

5.2 The Directors and Regional Directors Marine Safety are accountable for the implementation of the policy.

6  Related Documents

6.1 User Fees Act

6.2 Presentation to TMX (RDIMS# 1306107)

6.3 Service Standards for Marine Safety Fees

7  Background

7.1 Private Member’s bill C212 received Royal Assent on March 31, 2004.

7.2 The purpose of the UFA is to provide for parliamentary scrutiny and approval of user fees set by regulatory authorities. It also provides for greater transparency in the cost recovery and fee setting activities of those authorities, by requiring them to engage in a participatory consultation with clients and other service users before introducing or amending those fees.

7.3 Marine Safety is committed to continual improvement of the quality and responsiveness of our services to our clients.  The service standards for Marine Safety fees is the first step to provide our clients with our commitment of our levels of service to them while expressing our need for timely receipt of requests for services.  This policy provides direction and responsibility on who handles complaints when received by the various areas of this organization.

7.4 This policy was approved by MSE on 3 November 2006.

8  Definitions

8.1 Complaint – is a complaint that is received by Marine Safety about a proposed user fee within the period set out in a notice issued under the UFA or about issues in regards to an existing user fee and/or applicable service standard.

9  Date of Application

9.1 This policy comes into force upon receipt of approval by MSE.

10  Date for Review or Expiry

10.1 This policy will be reviewed no later than 12 months from the date of application and at a minimum frequency of every three years subsequently.

11  Keywords

  • User Fees Act
  • Complaint
  • TMX
  • Service standards



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