Inspection, Compliance and Enforcement – Fact Sheet

TC will take a graduated approach to enforcing the new Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations ( FVSR ) when they come into force on July 13, 2017. Our marine safety inspectors ( MSI ) will work to raise awareness and if, during early vessel inspections they find a non-compliance with new FVSR requirements, will:

  • Notify the vessel Authorized Representative ( AR ) or master
  • Assess the safety risk associated with the noncompliance
  • Consider efforts the vessel owner has made to achieve compliance, and grant more time, as set out in the below table.
Compliance Verification
Small Vessel Compliance Program
Voluntary Enrolment by owner for vessels of not more than 15 GT. Risk based monitoring by Marine Safety.
Mandatory periodic inspection program for certification. Vessels of more than 15 GT but not more than 150 GT and not more than 24.4 meters in length.
Noncompliance Graduated compliance & enforcement approach
If noncompliance relates to Written Safety Procedures

Fishing Vessel More than 18 metres but not more than 24.4 metres in length.

Rectify noncompliance before departure.

Fishing vessel More than 12 metres but not more than 18 metres in length.

Rectify noncompliance by July 13, 2018.

Fishing Vessel Not more than 12 metres in length.

Rectify noncompliance by July 13, 2019.

If non-compliance relates to Other New Requirements

If the noncompliance is without any immediate safety risk,the due date for compliance will be no less than 90 days, but before the start of the next fishing season.

If the noncompliance has an immediate safety risk, it must be rectified either before departure or within 90 days from the date of inspection. This will depend on how serious the risk is.

If noncompliance relates to Existing Requirements TC will follow normal compliance and enforcement procedures to address the noncompliance.
Written Safety Procedures. Templates available on TC website

For further information, please refer to the FVSR at: and Ship Safety Bulletin 03/2017 Coming into force of phase 1 of the new Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations