Pleasure Craft Licensing



(Shot of a small powerboat hitched to the back of an SUV. Our FIELD REPORTER walks into the shot and addresses the camera.)

Did you know that any pleasure craft powered by 10 horsepower or more needs a licence?

(Still shot of a small POWER BOAT on the water. Arrows point to the licence number.)

The license number needs to be displayed clearly on both sides of the bow. It’s important because this number helps officials from law enforcement and search-and-rescue identify boats in emergency situations.

(Still shot of required documents.)

Boat operators must always carry proof of competency, a copy of their pleasure craft license, and a piece of personal ID on board.)

(Our FIELD REPORTER is standing in front of the powerboat. He addresses the camera.)

You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance or a license. Make sure you have the right documents before you launch your boat.

(As we see the SUV pull away – towing the powerboat, we hear our FIELD REPORTER speak.)

Be prepared, know the rules, and be safe.

Text on screen:

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