Sailing Plans

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Before leaving home port, fishermen should prepare a sailing plan, and leave a copy of the plan with a responsible person on shore (a relative, wharfinger, union official, fish plant manager, local police, or fisheries officer). That person can then contact the Rescue Co-ordination Centre or Marine Rescue Sub-Centre if your vessel becomes overdue. The sailing plan will help guide search and rescue teams in the event of an emergency.

The sailing plan could be kept in a standard school notebook. A sample form for the plan is included. Shown on page 23 & 24.

After leaving port fishermen should contact the person holding the plan regularly, at least once a day. That person should be advised immediately if there are any changes to the scheduled voyage. The sailing plan must be cancelled upon completion of the voyage.

Sample Sailing Plan

Part 1 : Permanent details to be attached to the inside front cover of the notebook.

Download Part 1 of the sample ( PDF file, 56 KB ).

Vessel Information:

Telephone number of nearest RCC or MRSC :
Vessel Name:
Colour of Hull :
Vessel Registration #:
Colour of Deck:
Vessel License #:
Colour of Cabin:
Fishing #:
# of flares:
# of lifejackets:
# of immersion suits/work suits:
# make and size of liferaft:
# and description of lifeboats:
Name of Master:
Phone Number Home Port:
Length of Vessel Type of Vessel:
Radio Equipment Frequencies Fitted:
GRS ( CB )

Part 2 : Details of each voyage, using a separate page for each trip.

Download Part 2 of the sample ( PDF file, 40 KB ).

Departure date and time:
Vessel endurance in hours and days:
Intended fishing areas:
Proposed Route:
Estimated date and time of return:
Number of persons on board:
Times of radio calls to person holding the plan:
Probable port of refuge:
If fishing with another vessel, name of other vessel:

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