2023 concentrated inspection campaign - SSB No.: 12/2023

RDIMS No .: 19420419
Date (Y-M-D) : 2023-06-05

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This bulletin applies to the following Canadian vessels:

  • passenger vessels
  • tugs, and
  • fishing vessels


To advise the marine public that Transport Canada is running its Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) from May to Mid-September 2023.

What you need to know:

Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security (TCMSS) conducts CICs, under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, to address specific areas where our inspectors have previously found high levels of deficiencies, or where new Convention or regulatory requirements have recently entered into force.

Our 2023 CIC will be conducted during schedule or unscheduled inspections, focussing on the safe operations of a vessel, including:

  • reviewing how personal flotation devices (PFDs), lifejackets, and immersion suits are used and stored;
  • ensuring that conditions within a vessel’s stability booklet reflect the vessel’s arrangement/operations; and
  • checking life saving equipment plans and onboard safety equipment.

If an inspector finds any deficiency during the CIC, they will work with the vessel’s owner to determine why the issue occurred. This will help Transport Canada identify areas that need more focus/clarification or need to be addressed with new or updated regulations.


For more information, contact your local Transport Canada Marine Safety office.


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2. Fishing Vessel
3. Tugs
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