Bulletin No.: 01/1980

Date (Y-M-D): 1980-12-31

Subject: Manoeuvring Lights

Coloured Glass in Wheelhouse Windows of Ships

Following IMCO discussion of reports on the occasional inadequacy of sound signals, a questionnaire was prepared and circulated for the purpose of providing information on the effectiveness of manoeuvring lights.

A recent analysis of the data collected has led the Maritime Safety Committee of IMCO to recommend that manoeuvring lights should be fitted and used to avoid misunderstanding and ensure a better perception of manoeuvring signals.

Shipowners, ship operators, and masters are therefore urged to give earnest consideration to this recommendation.

Reference should be made to Rule 34 (b) and Section 12, Annex 1, of the Collision Regulations.

Coloured Glass in Wheelhouse Windows of Ships

The Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation, in considering a study into the use of coloured glass in wheelhouse windows of ships, noted that some administrations have prohibited such use in places where a proper look-out is to be kept.

The Sub-Committee was informed that extensive tests have shown that the use of coloured glass reduces the recognizability of navigation lights to approximately 50 per cent and that in addition, modifications of chromaticity have been observed.

It was agreed that coloured glass in windows of ships' wheelhouses does not offer more protection against daytime glare than sunglasses and may be hazardous at night.

Shipowners, ship operators and masters contemplating the installation of coloured glass in wheelhouse windows, or having coloured glass already fitted, are requested to consider any action that may be necessary with regard to positioning the look-out.

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