Bulletin No.: 02/1988

Date (Y-M-D): 1988-01-12

Subject: Marine Abandonment Immersion Suits Foot (ANKLE) Valves

  1. The purpose of this Bulletin is to draw to the attention of mariners a potential problem with Foot (Ankle) Valves fitted on some models of Marine Abandonment Immersion Suits.
  2. Immersion suits fitted with a neoprene flap type of foot valve may leak as a result of the flap being creased when the suit is folded.
  3. The Standard for Marine Abandonment Immersion Suit Systems, TP 8820, no longer provides for the use of this type of valve.
  4. Properly folded and stored suits should not leak but owners of immersion suits fitted with neoprene flap type foot valves should inspect the valve for creasing.
  5. If creasing is evident, the supplier or manufacturer should be contacted for advice regarding the recommended method of sealing the valve closed. After sealing the suit may be repacked and returned into service.
  6. Suits with undamaged valves should be repacked in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, with particular attention being given to providing for a flat stow of the foot (ankle) valve.
  7. If further information is required, contact the nearest Ship Safety Office.

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