Bulletin No.: 02/2005

RDIMS No.: 1374058
Date (Y-M-D): 2005-12-21


Subject: Training Certificate Form (82-0460)


The purpose of this bulletin is to draw the attention of recognized institutions in Canada to the new Training Certificate form and its implementation date and procedures.


On January 2nd 2006, the new Training Certificate form numbered 82-0460 (0511-03) will replace the older version numbered 82-0460 (96-06) and (0504-02). Recognized institutions are hereby requested to destroy all old forms and use the new training certificate form.

The blank Training Certificate form is a numbered form, which needs to be printed on special paper. This form is only available through Transport Canada Marine Safety at the following number: 613-991-6998.

The forms can be completed by hand, or electronically using our template. The template will be available through the Transport Canada external Forms Catalogue at: http://www.tc.gc.ca/forms/menu.asp.

All training certificates issued by recognized institutions will remain valid as per the Marine Certification Regulations.

Owners and operators of vessels should also note this information.

The following document is available for downloading or viewing:

Training Certificate Form (82-0460) (19 KB) 

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