Bulletin No.: 03/2010

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RDIMS No .: 4915162
Date ( Y-M-D ): 2010-05-17

Subject: Ship Elevators Inspection and Maintenance


This bulletin applies to all vessels and mobile offshore units equipped with elevators*.

*In this bulletin, “elevators” includes: elevators, service elevators, escalators and moving walkways for moving personnel, passengers, maintenance equipment and ship supplies (excluding cargo tackle covered by the Cargo, Fumigation and Tackle Regulations).


To remind authorized representatives (owners) of vessels and mobile offshore units equipped with elevators of the regulatory requirements regarding periodic inspections and tests, and the records to be kept on board.


Periodic elevator inspections and tests are not always being done or recorded as required in the Canadian Standards Association ( CSA ) Safety Code for Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators and Moving Walks (Code B44). The Transport Canada Ships’ Elevator Regulations require that the design, construction, installation, inspection, testing and alteration of elevators comply with Code B44, except in certain cases where Transport Canada has accepted that the elevator be built, put into service, and inspected in accordance with Class rules under the surveillance of a recognized classification society. For vessels and mobile offshore units to which the Marine Occupational Safety and Health Regulations apply, you should also refer to the requirements of Part III of those regulations.

The Canada Shipping Act, 2001 requires the authorized representative of a vessel to ensure that the vessel meets all regulatory requirements, including arranging elevator inspections.

Important Considerations

As all of the required maintenance, adjustments, testing and inspection of the elevators must be performed by qualified elevator personnel (as per Code B44), Transport Canada requires that:

  • the first inspection, tests and putting into service of elevators be done by qualified elevator personnel accredited by CSA ;
  • monthly and six-month maintenance, as set out in Code B44, be performed by qualified elevator personnel (including vessel maintenance personnel who have received suitable training);
  • annual and five year periodic maintenance be performed by qualified elevator personnel accredited by CSA . Transport Canada recommends that owners enter into a service contract with an elevator service provider; and
  • if the elevator was installed and inspected according to classification society rules, the classification society requirements for maintenance, testing and inspection must be followed.

Vessels or mobile offshore units equipped with an elevator must keep, in the engine control room, one elevator record book per elevator. Records of the elevator maintenance performed – tests, adjustments, repairs and maintenance – are to be made in the appropriate record book and signed by the person who carried out the work. CSA qualified elevator personnel will need to examine these record books in order to be able to attest, by signing the record book, that the elevator conforms to Code B44. The elevator record book(s) must be available for viewing by a marine safety inspector or a classification society surveyor, if requested. Failure to keep records or to have service carried out as required by Code B44 may result in the elevator being declared unfit for service.

If your vessel is equipped with an elevator and you have further questions, contact your elevator service provider, or, if you do not have a service provider, contact your local Transport Canada Centre.



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