Bulletin No.: 03/2011

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RDIMS No .: 6871415
Date ( Y-M-D ): 2011-11-01

Subject: New Form for Reporting a Maritime Hazardous Occurrence

This bulletin replaces bulletin number 17/1994


This Bulletin applies to marine sector employers and employees working in the federally regulated marine sector where the Canada Labour Code (CLC) applies.   


This Ship Safety Bulletin introduces the new form for reporting a Maritime Hazardous Occurrence for marine sector employers and their employees working onboard vessels.

Transport Canada Marine Safety’s new form #82-0703 Report of a Maritime Hazardous Occurrence is now in the Forms Catalogue at the following link:


You may wish to include a link to this form on your own Web site.

By using this form, you will meet the Maritime Occupational Health and Safety (MOHS) Regulations requirement to report hazardous occurrences on board (with the exception of fishing vessels) commercial vessels, which came into force in July 2010 ( (MOHS Regulations, Part 21, Section 279).

Transport Canada will share the report with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada - Labour and the Transportation Safety Board (TSB), as set out in the joint Memorandum of Understanding Respecting the Coordination of Investigation with regards to Transportation Occurrences and stated in paragraph 279(2) of the section MOHS Regulations.

This form must be completed in excess of the form "Report of a Marine Occurrence / Hazardous Occurrence" (Form 1808) requested by the Transportation Safety Board (TSB).

An employer representative must:

  • Submit the new form to the health and safety officer at one of Transport Canada’s Regional Offices within 30 days after the date of the hazardous occurrence.  
  • Send a copy to the workplace committee or health and safety representative.
  • Send a copy to the Regional Office of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada
  • Complete a "Report of a Marine Occurrence / Hazardous Occurrence Report" (Form 1808), as required by the TSB.



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New Form for Reporting a Maritime Hazardous Occurrence (35 KB




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