Bulletin No.: 04/1979

Date (Y-M-D): 1979-12-31

Subject: Precautions Against Fire on Board Ships

During a recent investigation of a shipboard fire it was observed that paint and aerosol cans were stored within the accommodation area, notwithstanding that a suitably protected compartment was available as a lamp and paint room clear of the accommodation spaces. The danger of such a practice cannot be overemphasized and shipowners and masters should ensure that hazardous items such as paint, etc., are stored in a suitable compartment designed for this purpose and which is provided with adequate fire extinguishing equipment.

The master should ensure that crew members familiarize themselves with the emergency procedures, the lay-out of the ship, the escape routes provided on board and the location of fire alarms and fire fighting equipment. This is particularly important in the case of ships on which a change of crew takes place. For this purpose all emergency equipment and escape routes should be clearly marked and all closures along the escape routes should have no means of locking.

If there should be any doubt with respect to the foregoing, guidance may be obtained from any Ship Safety Office of the Canadian Coast Guard. A list of the locations of these offices is attached for your information.


SOR/79-575 7 August, 1979

Canada Shipping Act

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