Bulletin No.: 04/1987

Date (Y-M-D): 1987-03-10

Subject: The Securing of Watertight and Weathertight Exterior Openings such as Cargo Ports, Shell Doors or Other Similar Means of Access in a Ship's Hull or Superstructure

  1. A recent tragic casualty shows that the safety of a ship can be quickly and adversely affected by the ingress of the sea through improperly secured exterior openings.
  2. Masters, mariners and operators are strongly recommended to ensure that measures to protect the watertight and weathertight integrity of the ship are carried out prior to getting underway, by properly securing all such exterior openings which may affect the watertight and weathertight integrity and stability of the ship. While at sea, periodic inspections should be carried out to ensure that optimum conditions of safety are maintained.
  3. While in port it is also strongly advised that the ship be maintained in a safe and stable condition at all times particularly in respect of trim and heel when watertight or weathertight exterior openings are being used.
  4. Ship Safety Bulletin 1/83, "Responsibilities of Ship Owners and Masters Respecting Maintenance of Weathertight Integrity of Ships and Observance of Draft Mark and Load Line Requirements", also applies.

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