Bulletin No.: 05/2008

RDIMS No.: 4170616
Date (Y-M-D): 2008-07-07


Subject: Safe Manning Documents – Extension of application date


This bulletin provides information with respect to a policy, which extends the deadline of compliance with Part 2 Crewing of the Marine Personnel Regulations ( MPR ), Section 202. 3(b).


This bulletin applies to all Canadian vessels that are not Safety Convention vessels and that are required to carry inspection certificates as specified in the Vessel Certificates Regulations, i.e. vessels of more than 15 gross tonnage or that carry more than 12 passengers; and vessels fitted with a boiler that operates at a pressure in excess of 103 kPa or fitted with an unfired pressure vessel.  This policy does not encompass pleasure craft.


Minimum manning levels are based on number of people required to safely operate the vessel while responding to an emergency.  Requirements for minimum safe manning levels for domestic vessels were in place before the coming into force of the Marine Personnel Regulations on July 1st, 2007 as part of the new Canada Shipping Act 2001.  What has changed with the entry into force of the Marine Personnel Regulations is the requirement to have the minimum safe manning levels set out in a Safe Manning Document issued by Transport Canada based on an evaluation of the vessel.

The evaluation should determine the crewing requirements so that the crew is sufficient and competent for the safe operation of the vessel on its intended voyage. The Safe Manning Requirements mentioned in Part 2, Section 202 of the Marine Personnel Regulations are outlined below:

"202.(3)The authorized representative of a Canadian vessel shall apply to the Minister for the following document and the Minister shall issue the document following that application:

(b) in the case of a vessel that is not a Safety Convention vessel and that is required to carry an inspection certificate, a Safe Manning Document, valid for a maximum of 5 years after the day of its issuance, that specifies

  1. the minimum number of members of the complement,
  2. the certificates required to be held by the members of the complement,
  3. any endorsements, conditions or limitations on the certificates referred to in subparagraph (ii),
  4. the voyages that the vessel is authorized to engage on, and
  5. if applicable, the number of passengers that the vessel is authorized to have on board.

(4) Paragraph (3)(b) does not apply until the later of

  1. the date of the next periodical inspection of the vessel, and
  2. 1 year after the day on which this section comes into force."

TC Policy

Vessels requiring a Safe Manning Document under Section 202 (3)(b) of the Marine Personnel Regulations must have a Safe Manning Document by the date of the next periodical inspection of the vessel or by January 1st 2009, whichever is the later date.

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Safe Manning Documents – Extension of application date (29 KB) 

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