Bulletin No.: 06/2002

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Date (Y-M-D): 2002-07-25

Subject: Passeenger Safety Briefings

Vessel operators are reminded of recent amendments to both the Lifesaving Equipment Regulations and the Small Vessel Regulations which require Safety Briefings on all Canadian passenger vessels.

Safety Briefings are intended to provide passengers with information they will require in the event of an emergency. They are to be given in either or both official language as required prior to the vessel leaving any place where passengers embark.

The Safety Briefing shall as a minimum specify:

  • Location of lifejackets
  • Location of survival craft 
  • Instructions on how to don lifejackets

The Safety Briefing may be provided in a number of formats depending on the vessel's operation, these include:

Small Ferries, including car ferries where passengers do not leave their vehicles

  • The deckhand responsible for directing the vehicles may indicate to the passengers the location of both the lifesaving equipment and the instructions on donning lifejackets, or
  • The deckhand or fare collector may provide a single page handout providing passengers with the required information, or
  • An announcement

Tour Boats

  • Announcement, and
  • Demonstration of the proper donning of lifejackets

Large Ferries or Passenger vessels

  • Video on ship's distribution system, or
  • Video in terminal prior to boarding, or
  • An announcement

In all situations handouts that indicate through pictograms the location of safety equipment, and instructions on how to don lifejackets are acceptable.



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