Bulletin No.: 06/2006

RDIMS No.: 1539035
Date (Y-M-D): 2006-03-17


Subject: Reminder of Requirements to have an arrangement with a response organization

Note: This SSB is a reminder, addressed earlier in SSB No.: 09/1998 issued on 1998-08-05.

This bulletin is intended for ships in waters to which section 660.2 of the Canada Shipping Act ( CSA ) applies, as follows:

  1. an oil tanker of one hundred and fifty or more tons gross tonnage;
  2. a ship, other than an oil tanker, of four hundred or more tons gross tonnage that carries oil as cargo or as fuel; and
  3. includes two or more ships, each of whose gross tonnage is less than that mentioned in the above paragraphs, that carry oil as cargo, that are towed or pushed together and whose aggregate tonnage is one hundred and fifty or more tons gross tonnage.
  4. but does not include:
    1. a ship that is not a Canadian ship if it is only transiting in the territorial sea of Canada or the exclusive economic zone and if it is not engaged in the loading or unloading of oil during transit;
    2. any warship, naval auxiliary or ship owned/operated by a state and used only on government non-commercial service; or
    3. a ship engaged in exploration or drilling.

Please note that “waters” means “Canadian waters and waters in the exclusive economic zone of Canada”.

Ship owners, operators and their agents are reminded that ships, as described above, in waters south of the sixtieth parallel of north latitude require an arrangement with a certified Response Organization and a declaration confirming the arrangement, except a Canadian ship that is not in Canadian waters or in waters in the exclusive economic zone of Canada.

The declaration, conforming to the regulations, must be on board and must:

  1. identify the name and address of the ship's insurer, or in the case of a subscription policy, the name and address of the lead insurer who provides pollution insurance coverage in respect of the ship;
  2. confirm that the arrangement  has been made; and
  3. identify every person who is authorized, in accordance with the regulations, to implement the arrangement and the shipboard oil pollution emergency plan.

More detailed information can be found at the following link:

A copy of the required declaration can be found in Part V of the Oil Pollution Prevention Regulations.

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Reminder of Requirements to have an arrangement with a response organization (21 KB) 

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