Bulletin No.: 07/2002

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Date (Y-M-D): 2002-08-12

Subject: Emergency Escape Breathing Devices ( EEBDs )


The purpose of this Ship Safety Bulletin is to bring to the attention of ship-owners, masters, and crew and all other parties concerned that two IMO Resolutions came into force on July 1, 2002:

  • IMO Resolution MSC.99 (73) "Adoption of amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974 as amended", dealing with the revised SOLAS Chapter II-2 "CONSTRUCTION-FIRE PROTECTION, FIRE DETECTION AND FIRE EXTINCTION," and
  • IMO Resolution MSC.98 (73) "Adoption of the INTERNATIONAL CODE FOR FIRE SAFETY SYSTEMS" (FSS Code)


Included in these two IMO Resolutions are the mandatory carriage requirements for approved EEBDs on Convention vessels. All Canadian Registered Convention vessels must now comply with this requirement. Canadian Registered non-convention vessels, for the sake of safety, may comply with this requirement on a voluntary basis until it becomes part of the regulations.


IMO -Maritime Safety Committee approved MSC/Circ.849 dated 8 June 1998 "Guidelines for the performance, location, use and care of EMERGENCY ESCAPE BREATHING DEVICES. ( EEBDs )." These guidelines now forms part of the revised SOLAS Ch.II-2, Regulation 13.3.4 and 13.4.3 and the INTERNATIONAL CODE FOR FIRE SAFETY SYSTEMS" (FSS Code) Chapter 3.2.2.

An EEBD is a supplied-air or oxygen device only used for escape from a compartment that has a hazardous atmosphere and must be of an approved type. EEBDs are not to be used for fighting fires, entering oxygen deficient voids or tanks, or worn by fire fighters. In these events, a self- contained breathing apparatus ( SCBA ) that is specifically suited for such situations should be used. The EEBD should be operable for at least 10 minutes.


TC Marine Safety has so far approved one EEBD manufactured by OCENCO Inc. (model M20.2) for marine use on Canadian registered vessels. Future approved EEBDs and other fire safety equipment and systems will appear under Active Fire Protection on the Internet in the TC web sites given below.





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