Bulletin No.: 12/2000

Date (Y-M-D): 2000-10-20

Subject: Changes to the loading conditions defined in a fishing vessel's stability book

Vessel owners must ensure that the vessel's actual condition and its associated stability characteristics do not become worse than those recorded for the worst operating condition defined in the vessel's Stability Booklet.

This requirement is defined in TP 7301, Stability and Load Line Standards, STAB 1, paragraph 3 (IV) which states:

"It is the responsibility of the Owner to ensure that the stability conditions presented in the Stability Booklet submitted for approval accurately reflects the vessel's loading condition and modes of operation".

In practical terms this means that if an owner intends to load a vessel, in a manner that is not covered by the Stability Book, the stability characteristics associated with the proposed condition must be calculated and submitted to Transport Canada for approval. A copy of the approved Stability Book must accompany the submission.

By way of example, the following changes are considered to constitute new loading conditions (this list is not inclusive):

  • A change in cargo type: changing from cod to herring, or a fresh cargo is now carried frozen.
  • A change in the amount of cargo: either by weight, volume or density. A change in cargo density occurs when adding refrigerated salt water ( RSW ) to a cargo of crab.
  • A change in cargo location: moving some fish roe from the below deck hold into tubs stacked on top of the deck.
  • A change in cargo stowage arrangement: a hold that was subdivided into several pens athwartship now has no pens.

No action should be taken with regard to a proposed change in the loading of a vessel or to the modification of a Stability Book without consulting a Marine Safety Office.

Where a vessel is not required by the regulations to have stability approved by Transport Canada it is the owners responsibility to have proposed changes to the vessel's loading verified by a Naval Architect.

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