Bulletin No.: 14/1983

Date (Y-M-D): 1983-09-21

Subject: Safe Practices on Fishing Vessels

  1. The recent loss of a small fishing vessel by capsizing has again drawn attention to the dangers attending the unlawful practice of securing the covers of freeing ports, preventing the quick release of water trapped on deck, and of weights stowed high.
  2. In the case in question, a combination of loose catch on deck, water build up from the fish cleaning process and about 1,000 lbs of fish still in the net suspended from the boom caused the capsizing in good weather conditions of this small fishing vessel, with the loss of three lives.
  3. The attention of owners and masters of fishing vessels is drawn to the requirements of the Fishing Vessel Regulations, which require that freeing ports shall provide rapid and effective freeing of trapped water from the deck, and they shall be also aware of the detrimental effects on the stability of the vessel of weights stowed high and loose water, or "free surfaces" anywhere on board.
  4. The Transport Canada publication "Manual of Safety and Health for Fishermen" contains a guide to safe practices on board fishing vessels.

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