Bulletin No.: 14/1986

Date (Y-M-D): 1986-10-24

Subject: International Convention for Safe Containers ( CSC ) - Approved Repair Facilities

Ship Safety Bulletin No. 15/83, issued on November 14,1983 advised inter alia that in accordance with the Safe Containers Convention Regulations:

  1. container owners are to ensure that their new and existing containers are approved and carry a valid Safety Approval Plate, maintained in a safe condition and examined periodically in accordance with an approved examination procedure;
  2. where significant evidence exists that the condition of a container creates an obvious risk to safety, the owner or his representative in Canada shall-submit the container to an approved repair facility alone with written specifications for such repairs; and
  3. owners of repair facilities wishing to perform structural repairs on containers shall obtain certification from an authorized organization. Facilities not so approved are not permitted to carry out these type of repairs.

The Annex of this Bulletin lists the repair facilities which are currently certified to perform structural repairs on containers.

This list supersedes the previous list issued with Ship Safety Bulletin No. 4/86.

Annex 1

The following repair facilities are currently certified to perform structural repairs on containers.

AMO Containers Ltd.

Clyde Avenue

Donovan's Park

St. John's, Nfld.

Tel: 709-364-3585 Telex: 016-4904 ANSBACK: BRASNF

Canada Truck Reefer Containers Services Ltd.

47 St. Joseph

Lachine, Que.

H8S 2C1

Tel: 367 0446 Telex: 05-821715

Canadian Intermodal Repair Ltd.

1331 McKeen Avenue

North Vancouver, British Columbia

V7Q 3H9

Tel: 604-986-9585 Telex: 04-352691

Cratex Container Services Ltd.

2381 United Blvd.

Mayfair Industrial Park

Coquitlam, (Vancouver), B.C.

V3K 5X9

Tel: 604-941-9651 Telex: 04-353583

G.T. Precision Welding Ltd.

6364 Notre-Dame Street

Montreal, Quebec

H1N 2E1

Tel: 514-252-1015 Telex: 05-829725

I.B.L. Container Refurbishing Ltd.

7410 Tranmere Drive

Mississauga, Ontario

Tel: 416-671-2350 Telex: 06-968860

Marine Container Services Inc.

10025 Sherbrooke Street East

Montreal, P.Q.

H1B 1B3

Tel: 514-645-2346 Telex: 05-829668

Metropolitan Container & Trailer Ltd.

25 Capilano Way

New Westminster, B.C.


Tel: 604-525-0301 Telex: 04-54572

Precision Metal Joiners Ltd.

8 Beran Drive

Scarborough, Ontario

M1G 1G1

Tel: 416-669-5852 Telex: 06-964793

Terminal de Containers Milan Inc.

390 Michel Jasmin

Dorval, Que.


Tel: 514-631-8075 Telex: 03-822639

Toronto Reefer Container Services Ltd.

61 Malmo Court

Maple, Ontario

L0J 1E0

Tel: 416-832-2238 Telex: 06-964663

The Trailmobile Group of Companies Ltd.

15210 Yellowhead Trail

Edmonton, Alberta

T5V 1A1

Tel: (403) 447 L970 Telex: 037-0376

Versatile Contrail Ltd.

60 North Queen St.

Etobicoke, Ontario

M8X 2C4

Tel: 416-232-0804 Telex: 06-984774

WFLTD Containers Incorporated

203 New Toronto Street

Etobicoke, Ontario

M8V 2G1

Tel: 416-252-5843 Telex: 06-967344

Winlie Container (Canada) Led.

3925 Kempt Road

Halifax, Nova Scotia

33J 3A8

Tel: (902) -1634 9318 Telex: 091-22824

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