Bulletin No.: 16/1985

Date (Y-M-D): 1985-10-24

Subject: Installation and Maintenance of Inflatable life Raft Hydrostatic Release Units

1 The purpose of this bulletin is to draw to the attention of mariners, the requirements for the proper installation and maintenance of float-free inflatable life raft Hydrostatic Release Units.

2 It has been discovered that a number of vessels carrying inflatable life rafts fitted with hydrostatic release units, did not have the hydrostatic release units installed correctly, and that the hydrostatic release units had not been serviced at the required intervals.

3 The Life Saving Equipment Regulations, Schedule XI, Section 1 (7) (e) requires that hydrostatic release units be installed in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions and Section 1 (8) (e) stipulates that the system shall be maintained in good condition and serviced annually by a qualified service depot.

4 It is, therefore, strongly recommended that the following requirements are met:

  1. All hydrostatic release units should be inspected for correct installation and, if in doubt, correct installation information should be obtained from the unit's manufacturer.
  2. All hydrostatic release units should be serviced annually, concurrent with the Inflatable Life Raft Service.
  3. A record of the hydrostatic release unit's service should be kept on board the ship.
  4. An operation and instruction manual should be kept on board the ship and all mariners should make themselves familiar with the hydrostatic release unit's function.

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