Georgian seafarers can now seek Canadian recognition of their STCW certificates - SSB No. 20/2022

RDIMS No .: 18878028
Date (Y-M-D) : 2022-09-22

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The bulletin is to let you know that:

  • Canada has signed a reciprocal arrangement with Georgia.
  • Georgian seafarers holding a valid STCW certificateFootnote 1 of competency can now apply for a Canadian endorsement.


This bulletin applies to:

  • owners and operators of Canadian-flagged vessels, and
  • seafarers from Georgia who want a Canadian endorsement.

What you need to know

Seafarers with a valid STCW certificate issued by Georgia can now apply for a Canadian endorsement. This is similar to reciprocal arrangements Canada has already signed with Australia, France, Norway and Ukraine.

Please note that Canadian seafarers can also seek a Georgian endorsement of a valid Canadian STCW certificate by writing to the Georgian maritime administration using the following emails: and

Documents you need to apply

To apply for a Canadian endorsement, please download and follow the instructions contained within the following Transport Canada forms:

You are invited to visit the following website which provides relevant information regarding Recognition of a Foreign Certificate Through a Reciprocal Arrangement.

How to apply

Send your completed application and supporting documents, using one of the following methods:


1. Reciprocal arrangement
3. Canadian endorsement

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