Interim Measure – Provisional Marine Medical Certificates - SSB No.: 09/2016

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RDIMS No .: 12228657
Date ( Y-M-D ): 2016-08-31
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This bulletin aims to explain the interim measure Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security (TCMSS) will apply immediately to allow seafarers employed in the marine industry to continue their work without fear of enforcement action related to expired Provisional Medical Certificates.


This bulletin applies to seafarers engaged on domestic voyages between Canadian ports only who hold a Provisional Medical Certificate, which carries an issue date between February 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

Important Note: This bulletin does not apply to seafarers engaged on international voyages.


The Marine Personnel Regulations require persons employed on ships to carry original documents with them that are valid.

When a seafarer is determined to be fit after a medical assessment, the medical examiner issues him or her a Provisional Medical Certificate, valid for no longer than 6 (six) months and send the examination report to TCMSS. The TCMSS Medical Program reviews this examination report then a Marine Medical Certificate, valid for no longer than 2 years from the date of the examination, is issued by the Minister.

Interim Measures

Domestic Voyages

TCMSS will not enforce the expiry date recorded on the Provisional Medical Certificate for seafarers on domestic voyages.

TCMSS will allow seafarers on domestic voyages to use a Provisional Medical Certificate that was or will be issued between February, 2016 and December 31, 2016, in the following order:

  • until they receive the Minister’s Marine Medical Certificate; or
  • until they receive further correspondence from TCMSS Medical Program; or
  • for up to 180 days past the expiry date.

IF the seafarer:

  • Holds a Provisional Medical Certificate from an approved examiner with an assessment for duties as ‘Fit ’, ‘Fit with Limitation- Corrective Lenses Required’ or Fit with Limitation – Hearing aids required;

    Note: Any other assessment or limitation on the Provisional Medical Certificate would not qualify for this interim measure.
  • Always carries his/her original certificate when employed on board the vessel.
  • Is engaged on Domestic voyages only; 

    Note: This measure will also apply to satisfy the master’s obligation under section 82 of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 in respect of the seafarer’s medical requirements.

International Voyages

This interim measure of regulatory enforcement applies to Domestic Voyages only. It does not apply to International voyages.

Seafarers on international voyages must meet the requirements of the Marine Personnel Regulations and carry a valid Provisional Medical Certificate issued by an approved examiner or a Marine Medical Certificate issued by the Minister.


1. Marine Medical
2. Domectic Voyage
3. Provisional Medical

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