Jamaican and Panamanian seafarers can now seek Canadian recognition of their STCW certificates - SSB No.: 16/2023

RDIMS No .: 19654026
Date (Y-M-D) : 2023-07-26

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The bulletin is to let you know that:

  • Canada has signed reciprocal arrangements with Jamaica and the Republic of Panama.
  • Jamaican and Panamanian seafarers holding a valid STCW certificateFootnote 1 can now apply for a Canadian endorsement.


This bulletin applies to:

  • owners and operators of Canadian-flagged vessels, and
  • seafarers from Jamaica or from the Republic of Panama who want a Canadian endorsement.

What you need to know

Seafarers with a valid STCW certificate issued by either the Maritime Authority of Jamaica or the Panama Maritime Authority can now apply for a Canadian endorsement. This is similar to reciprocal arrangements Canada has already signed with Australia, France, Norway, Ukraine, Georgia, the United Kingdom and the Philippines.

Please note that Canadian seafarers can also seek a Jamaican endorsement of a valid Canadian STCW certificate by writing to the Maritime Authority of Jamaica using the following email address: safety@jamaicaships.com.

Canadian seafarers wishing to obtain a Panamanian endorsement of a valid Canadian STCW certificate are advised to:

Documents you need to apply

To apply for a Canadian endorsement, please download and follow the instructions contained within the following Transport Canada forms:

You are invited to visit the following website which provides relevant information regarding Recognition of a Foreign Certificate Through a Reciprocal Arrangement.

How to apply

Send your completed application and supporting documents, using one of the following methods:


1. Reciprocal arrangement
3. Canadian endorsement

Questions concerning this Bulletin should be addressed to:


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