New way to check the validity of Canadian marine electronic documents - SSB No.: 27/2020

RDIMS No .: 16774230
Date (Y-M-D) : 2020-12-24

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This bulletin is to let you know about a new online way to check the validity of Canadian marine documents issued electronically by Transport Canada.


This bulletin applies to Canadian marine stakeholders and Foreign Flag State partners.


On April 20, 2016, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) recommended that maritime organizations create a way to check the validity of certificates that are issued electronically.

This recommendation comes from FAL.5/Circ.39/Rev.2.

What you need to know

There’s a new online tool to check the validity of Canadian marine documents that have been issued electronically! Check a Canadian marine document using the Marine Electronic Document Validation (MEDV) tool.

Electronic documents will include this stamp:

Stamp found on electronic documents with a QR code to access the MEDV tool website

You can access the MEDV tool using the link above (, or by scanning the QR code on the stamp.

To check the validity of a document:

  1. Use the drop-down menu to decide what to “Search by”:
    1. Official number; or
    2. IMO number; or
    3. Unique Document Number (UDN).
  2. Type the applicable number into the “Search criteria” field, and press the button with the magnifying glass


If you have any questions, please email Flag State Inspection Standards:


1. Flag State Inspection Standards
2. Canadian Marine Electronic Documents
3. Guidelines for the use of electronic certificates

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