No de bulletin : 01/1985

Date (Y-M-D): 1985-02-15

Subject: Closing & Securing Watertight Doors

The recent sinking of a large cargo vessel was directly attributed to the fact that a watertight door, located in the forward engine room bulkhead, had been left open. The ship struck an object and was holed above and below the waterline in way of the engine room, and as, a result of the door being left open, water flooded into the cargo holds and the ship sank.

Attention is drawn to the fact that every door, which if left open could result in a similar casualty, should be kept closed and dogged down at all times when not actually in use.

Officers and crews should be made aware that for the safety of the ship every watertight door bearing the following notice should be kept closed and secured except when in actual use.

"This door to be kept securely closed during navigation except when necessarily opened for the working of the ship."

This notice should be clearly printed, in both English and French, in black or red letters 20 mm high on a white background on both sides of the door or on the bulkhead adjacent to the door.

Canadian Coast Guard, Garde côtière canadienne

Our File Notre référence

March 19,1985

Marine safety advisory council navigation safety committee

Dear Sir:

Ship Safety Bulletin, SSB 2/85, amends SSB 10/83 entitled "Guidelines for compliance with Regulation 3 of Chapter IV of SOLAS 74".

A copy of SSB 2/85 and the amended SSB 10/83 are attached.



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