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Date (Y-M-D): 1996-08-08

Subject: Safety Zones around Offshore Exploration and Exploitation Vessles and Platforms

A Canadian gas drilling barge in Lake Erie has recently reported to Transport Canada that on several occasions ships have passed dangerously close to the structure. Mariners are reminded that they should navigate with extreme caution in areas where exploration and exploitation vessels and platforms are located. Positions of these vessels in the Great Lakes are continuously broadcast as Notices to Shipping.

Rule 43 of the Collision Regulations establishes safety zones extending 500 metres around exploration and exploitation vessels and no vessels other than those specifically excepted by the Regulations may navigate within these safety zones. Any adjustments to the zones and any instructions concerning the conduct of shipping in the vicinity of the exploration and exploitation vessels will be promulgated through Notices to Shipping or Notices to Mariners.

Additionally, Notice No. 20 of the Annual Edition of Notices to Mariners provides, in some detail, the procedures to be followed when navigating in the vicinity of exploration and exploitation vessels. Mariners should take the contents of this Notice into account when operating in these areas.

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