Ship Safety Bulletins

Date (Y-M-D): 1988-01-07

Subject: Fire Hazard in Self Unloaders

The purpose of this Bulletin is to draw attention to the potential fire hazards associated with the conveyor casings and tunnels of self-unloading type vessels.

  1. In the past few years a number of fires of varying intensity have occurred in the conveying systems of self unloaders.
  2. Although there has been different primary causes for the fires, examination of reports has established that accumulations of cargo residues, such as grain and coal dust, have contributed to and sustained the fires in several of the incidents.
  3. Limited Access and confined space, particularly in loop-belt casings, has been a factor making effective firefighting difficult once a fire becomes established.
  4. owners and persons in, involved in the operation of ships are, therefore, reminded of the importance of good housekeeping, cleanliness and maintenance to reduce the risk of fire to a minimum, particularly in enclosed or congested spaces.
  5. Ships crews should be drilled, at the onset of the shipping season, in such areas to ensure that they pan effectively fight a fire using the existing firefighting hydrants and hoses.
  6. It is advised that, should it be evident that effective measures are not possible, suitable corrective action should be taken to improve the system within a reasonable period of time.

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