Temporary Measures Regarding Marine Medical Certificates – February 2022 - SSB No.: 03/2022

RDIMS No .: 18296437
Date (Y-M-D) : 2022-02-07

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This Bulletin provides temporary measures pertaining to marine medical certificates implemented during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic.


This Bulletin applies to:

  • Canadian seafarers who hold a marine medical certificate (whether a Provisional Medical Certificate issued under section 275 of the Marine Personnel Regulations; or a medical certificate issued by the Minister under section 278 of the Marine Personnel Regulations, hereinafter referred to as “Marine Medical Certificate”); and
  • Authorized Representatives of Canadian-flagged vessels.

What you need to know

For seafarers who require a medical certificate to obtain or maintain a certificate of competency to work on board a vessel, a Marine Medical Certificate that otherwise would have expired on or after February 1, 2022 but before April 1, 2022, is granted, regarding their Marine Medical Certificate, an extension of 2 months. There is no requirement to submit an application to obtain this extension.

If your marine medical certificate is set to soon expire, we recommend you see a Transport Canada designated Marine Medical Examiner at your earliest opportunity.

Do not wait until the last minute. The list of designated Marine Medical Examiners can be found at the following link:


Also, we ask that you remind your Marine Medical Examiner to send your information to Transport Canada as soon as possible.

Please note:

The extended validity of a Transport Canada Marine Medical Certificate does not extend the validity of a Certificate of Competency.


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