Small Vessel Compliance Program – Enrolment of Recreational Boating Schools

Transport Publication - TP 13585 E

Marine Safety Management System - Procedures
TP 13585 E (Online Manual)

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1 Process Flowchart


2 Purpose 

2.1 This document outlines the steps required to enrol a Recreational Boating School (RBS) in the Small Vessel Compliance Program (SVCP).

3 Authority

3.1 This procedure falls under the overall administrative authority of the Director General, Marine Safety and Security, and the Marine Safety and Security Executive (MSSE) committee has approved this procedure for general application.

4 Background

4.1 This procedure exists in support of the Tier 1 Policy,  Small Vessel Compliance Program – Recreational Boating Schools (RDIMS #1280476).

5 Scope

5.1 This procedure applies in respect of powered and/or sailing vessels operated by an RBS for the purposes of on-the-water training that

  • Are not more than 15 metres in length;
  • Carry no more than 12 students; and
  • Are engaged on a Sheltered Waters Voyage, a Near Coastal Voyage, Class 2 or a Limited, Contiguous Waters Voyage.

5.2 This procedure also applies to Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security (TCMSS) employees involved in the process of enrolling an RBS in the SVCP.

6 Responsibility  

6.1 The Executive Director, Domestic Vessel Regulatory Oversight, is responsible for the development, approval and maintenance of this procedure.

6.2 The Manager, National Marine Safety Program – Small and Fishing Vessels (AMSDS), is the OPI for this procedure.

6.3 The Regional Directors, Marine Safety, are responsible for the implementation of this procedure.

6.4 Comments or queries related to this procedure and its application should be addressed to:

Executive Director, Domestic Vessel Regulatory Oversight
330 Sparks Street (AMSD)
Ottawa (Canada) K1A 0N8
Phone: 613-949-3819
Fax: 613-991-4818

7 Procedure

7.1 An RBS completes Annex 2, Recreational Boating School Report (the Report) of the Standard for Recreational Boating Schools (TP 15136).  Upon request, TCMSS shall provide the RBS with assistance in completing the Report, including explanations of the information and documents to be submitted.  For matters that require particular technical expertise the RBS is encouraged to employ the services of a marine consultant.

7.2 Once the RBS has completed the Report, the RBS submits the Report to TCMSS along with any additional items required by TCMSS.

7.3 When TCMSS determines that it has received all the necessary documents, TCMSS will conduct a review of the complete Report and supporting documents.

7.4 If TCMSS determines that the documentation received is complete and the RBS has indicated that its vessels are in compliance with TP 15136, the information contained in the Report shall be recorded in the SVCP-RBS process log.

7.5 The RBS will be sent a Letter of Participation in the Small Vessel Compliance Program (SVCP) – Recreational Boating Schools [template RDIMS # 8442740]

  1. The RBS must keep a copy of the Letter in a readily accessible location onshore.
  2. RBS are encouraged to keep a copy of the Letter on board each RBS vessel.

7.6 If TCMSS determines that the documentation received is insufficient to proceed with enrolment in the SVCP or indicates non-compliance with TP 15136, TCMSS shall:

  • Assess the level of compliance and the corrective action(s) to be taken
  • Seek clarification or rectification of the issue(s) directly from the RBS 
  • Consider the use of Compliance and Enforcement action, as applicable and appropriate, in consultation with the Policy on Compliance and Enforcement of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 and the Marine Compliance and Enforcement Manual.

7.7 All vessels are subject to inspection at any time by a Marine Safety Inspector.

8 Related Documents

8.1 TP 15136, Standard for Recreational Boating Schools – RDIMS 1280525


9 Date of Application 

9.1 This procedure is effective from the date of approval by the Marine Safety and Security Executive.

10 Date for Review 

10.1 This procedure will be reviewed twelve (12) months after initial issue, and at a frequency of not less than three (3) years thereafter.

11 RDIMS Reference 

11.1 The English version of this document is saved in RDIMS under reference number 1873517.  The applied naming convention is PUBLICATION – TP 13585 – PROCEDURE – SMALL VESSEL COMPLIANCE PROGRAM – ENROLMENT OF RECREATIONAL BOATING SCHOOLS.

11.2 La version française du présent document est dans le SGDDI et porte le numéro de référence 6796891.  La règle d'affectation des noms est

11.3 This is the first approved and finalized revision of the English version of this document.

12 Keywords 

  • Recreational boating schools (RBS)
  • Small Vessel Compliance Program (SVCP)
  • Pleasure craft
  • Non-pleasure vessel
  • Training
  • TP 15136 Standard For Recreational Boating Schools