Small Vessels

Small Vessel Register (Commercial) – Information on registering a vessel

Small vessels - Safety information for owners, operators and builders of small passenger vessels (non-pleasure craft) operated for commercial purposes and which range from 0 to 150 gross tons.

Special purpose vessels – Information on river rafting, sail training vessels, amphibious and air cushion vehicles.

Small Vessel Compliance Program (Non-Pleasure Craft) ( SVCP ) - To own and operate a small non-pleasure vessel in Canada, you must meet your responsibilities as outlined in the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 ( CSA 2001 ). There are numerous regulations and standards that apply to your vessel and its use. To help with your compliance requirements, Transport Canada created the Small Vessel Compliance Program (Non-Pleasure Craft) ( SVCP ) for small non-pleasure vessel owners. This is an optional and easy-to-use tool to help make sure your small non-pleasure vessel meets its CSA 2001 requirements.

Small fishing vessels – Information on vessels 0 to 150 gross tons, not exceeding 24.4 metres that are used for commercial fishing.