Using the Special Purpose Vessel Audit Checklist for commercial inflatable vessels

From Transport Canada

The Special Purpose Vessel Audit Checklist is a self-inspection tool to help ensure the safety of commercial river rafting trips.

Commercial river rafting

Commercial river rafting is a boating activity that uses inflatable vessels. Guides take groups of paying passengers on river trips that may include "white-water" rafting. The Special-purpose Vessels Regulations address the specific safety concerns related to this type of boating.

Special Purpose Vessel Audit Checklist

The Special Purpose Audit Checklist is based on the Special-purpose Vessels Regulations.


The checklist was developed to allow commercial boating operators to review all aspects of boating safety covered in the regulations. The inspection includes:

  • ensuring sufficient quantities of required personal safety equipment (including lifejackets, white water vests, helmets, and thermal protection)
  • reviewing the cache of vessel safety/repair items (including raft repair kit, engine repair kit, and spare oars)
  • ensuring that the safety briefing provided to passengers (informing them of potential hazards, safety procedures, and rescue plan) is adequate
  • reviewing the qualifications and certifications of the guide(s)