Vessel Registration Forms

For Small Non-Pleasure Vessels

Fill out all the registry forms and help Transport Canada serve you more efficiently.

To avoid delays, please ensure that all information is completed on the forms.

As a considerable number of forms are rejected due to common, avoidable errors or omissions which will cause a delay in processing, please take the time to thoroughly complete the forms.

This greatly reduces the chance of errors that can slow down the registration process and the issuance of your Certificate of Registry.

Incomplete forms will be returned along with the “Requirements Checklist” indicating what is missing. 


The forms are available from the Vessel Registration Office (Ottawa), any Port of Registry, or online, from Transport Canada's Forms Catalogue*.


* These online forms are available in PDF format only.

The following documents are available for downloading or viewing:

To access the Portable Document Format ( PDF ) version you must have a PDF reader installed. If you do not already have such a reader, there are numerous PDF readers available for free download or for purchase on the Internet: