Canada is part of a global maritime system.  To keep Canadian marine transportation both secure and economically competitive, we must be aware of international issues that affect us here at home.

 Transport Canada Marine Security recognizes that enhancing international marine security serves to better protect the movement of persons and goods in and out of Canada, as well as Canadian vessels and Canadian investments abroad.

Transport Canada is a leader in the development and delivery of international marine security assistance to other countries.  Through the Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program, Canada has been able to fund and assist other states, helping them to better prevent and respond to possible marine threats.  Transport Canada’s analysts and inspectors have lead or participated in international workshops to improve the security of other marine transportation systems. 

In addition, Transport Canada participates in a variety of international organizations, which include:

Transport Canada also participates in other international fora, including:

By participating in these international for a Canada is able to contribute to some common goals, which include:

  • Establishing international transportation security standards;
  • Helping developing countries improve their marine security; and,
  • Sharing transportation security best practices, thus promoting a globally secure marine transportation system.