International Capacity Building

Transport Canada (TC)/Marine Security is a leader in security capacity building. This means we help other countries increase their capacity to apply international maritime security standards - mainly the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. To date, most Transport Canada efforts have been in the Americas and Asia.

These efforts are funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade’s Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program. It provides training, funding, equipment, as well as technical and legal support to enable other States to prevent and respond to terrorist activity.

In the Americas, TC /Marine Security works closely with the Organization of American States’ Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism and with the United States Coast Guard. In 2006, TC developed the Port Security Assistance Program to share our expertise across the Americas and the Caribbean. We have trained nearly 2,500 port security officials so far. TC/Marine Security also has active bilateral maritime security partnerships with Jamaica and Mexico.