The Marine Security Operations branch acts as the functional authority for security related matters for the regional Marine Safety and Security offices, including Marine Security personnel working in the interdepartmental Marine Security Operations Centres (MSOCs). 

Marine Security Operations provides oversight for Canadian vessels on international voyages, domestic ferries on certain routes, and foreign vessels in Canadian waters, as well as Canadian marine facilities and ports that interface with those vessels.  This oversight is conducted through education, awareness, security assessments, security plan approval, inspections, certification, and enforcement activities related to the requirements of the Marine Transportation Security Act and its regulations, which capture the requirements of security related international conventions and codes. 

The branch has an educational program that designs and delivers marine security training to Transport Canada Security Inspectors. The branch also approves ship security training courses provided by Transport Canada recognized institutions offering marine training programs in Canada.

The MSOCs provide Canadians with enhanced marine security and help detect, assess and support a response to any threat to marine security that could affect the safety, security, environment or economy of Canada. Threats could include emerging terrorist activity, trans-national crime, environmental and health threats, and over-fishing in Canadian waters by other countries.

We represent Transport Canada in international discussions regarding inspection and operations of marine security initiatives.