Using ISO 12217-1 – Frequently Asked Questions

From: Transport Canada

Do I have to buy the standards?

If you do not wish to buy the standards, ISO 12217-1 and related standards are available for consultation at Transport Canada Centres.  It is not possible to take the standards away or make photocopies, however.

Do I have to use ISO 12217-1 or can I use some other standard?

In addition to ISO 12217-1, a full stability assessment resulting in a stability booklet can be carried out.  Assessments using STAB 6 of TP 7301 – Stability, Subdivision and Load Line Standards (1975) are also acceptable.

Is there a list of windows, portlights, hatches, deadlights and doors that meet the requirements of ISO 12216?

The International Marine Certification Institute maintains a list of these items.  The list indicates the dimensions of the item and the local area and design category that it is approved for.

Approved products meet the requirements for materials and construction, however installation do not need to be subjected to pressure tests, however their installation must be verified with the appropriate watertightness test.

What are the responsibilities in carrying out an assessment?

Responsibility for carrying out the assessment lies with the builder or owner, depending on the contractual arrangements.
TC Inspectors are responsible for verifying that the assessment is carried out in accordance with the standard.

If difficulties are encountered in interpreting the standard, consult the inspector.