Vessel design, construction and maintenance


Requirements and compliance, serial numbers, Approved Products Catalogue, vessel stability, vessel maintenance, radio communications, dry docks.


Services and information

Creating and inscribing a serial number on manufactured vessels

Manufacturer's Identification Code, Hull Serial Number.

Declaring that vessels comply with manufacturing requirements

Declaration of Conformity, Annual Production Report, Compliance Notice.


Submit a declaration of conformity

Submit a declaration of conformity to declare a small vessel model meets the construction requirements of the Small Vessel Regulations.

Using Transport Canada's Approved Products Catalogue

About the catalogue, a list of catalogue categories.


Complying with vessel design, construction and equipment requirements

Canadian requirements for small vessels and small passenger vessels, international requirements for passenger and cargo vessels.

Assessing the stability of small commercial vessels

ISO Small Craft Stability Standard, Simplified Assessment of Intact Stability, Buoyancy of Small Non-pleasure Vessels.


Complying with vessel radio communications requirements

Requirements for vessel types and voyage areas.

Using the Esquimalt Graving Dock for vessel maintenance

Dry-dock facilities and services, space reservation, rates, location, dock dimensions, code of conduct, important notices.


Vessels used in aquaculture

Regulatory requirements and contacts related to aquaculture industry vessels.