Road Safety Transfer Payment Program

In 2007, the Road Safety Transfer Payment Program (RSTPP) was established to advance cohesive, national approaches to road safety by supporting initiatives that reduce road-related collisions, injuries, and fatalities. The program provides funding to other levels of government and non-governmental organizations to support road safety initiatives.

The RSTPP is divided into two components: the Motor Carrier Safety and the Road Safety Outreach.

Motor Carrier Safety

The Motor Carrier Safety component supports the implementation and administration of the National Safety Code across Canada. This initiative was previously funded through the National Safety Code Contribution Program, which began in 1987.

With an annual funding of $4.44 million, this component provides federal funding to each province and territory based on a costing formula that accounts for population size. In addition, the component contributes $60,000 annually to the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) for the delivery of national uniform training and education for commercial motor vehicle drivers and inspectors. There is no application process to this funding program component.

Road Safety Outreach

The Road Safety Outreach component, or the Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program (ERSTPP) was first introduced in 2019.

The program provides funding to support initiatives that contribute to a safe and secure transportation system. The ERSTPP aims to reduce road-related collisions, injuries, and fatalities, and encourage harmonization with provincial and territorial road safety initiatives through funding projects that help create nationally consistent tools that address road safety challenges. Eligible recipients include not-for-profit and for-profit private sector road safety organizations, academia, Indigenous groups, road safety organizations, other organizations that take an active role in advancing road safety issues/perspectives of their members, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), municipalities, provinces, territories, and provincial or territorial-owned entities.

The ERSTPP has improved road safety for Canadians by tackling persistent safety challenges related to impaired driving, driver training, distracted driving, advanced driver assistance technologies, and connected autonomous vehicles. Between 2019 and 2021, three annual calls for proposals were completed with a total of 89 projects approved for funding.

Call for proposals

Call for Proposal 2023 to 2026

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