Report an Obstruction to Navigation

An obstruction to navigation is any human-made thing that makes traveling on a waterway more difficult or dangerous.

A wreck or a ship left anchored, moored or adrift, can also be an obstruction. A thing of natural origin isn’t an obstruction, unless someone causes it to affect navigation.

Notifying us about an obstruction

If you are responsible for an obstruction on a navigable water (one that the public has the right to travel on), you must:

  1. Immediately notify a regional office of the Navigation Protection Program (NPP) about the obstruction.
  2. Place a signal by day and a light by night to show the obstruction’s location.
  3. Immediately begin to remove the obstruction.

Notify the NPP

Reporting other obstructions

You may also report obstructions to navigation for which you’re not responsible. Contact your local NPP office.

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