Notices and Orders

Railway Safety Inspectors have the power to order a person or company to take specific measures when an immediate threat to safety is found during inspections. This power is found under subsection 31(2) of the Railway Safety Act (RSA).

An immediate threat means that a situation exists and could reasonably cause injuries to a person, or damage could be caused to property or the environment.

A Notice and Order is used to communicate that an immediate threat was found and includes the order to take corrective measures. Once the immediate threat is removed to the inspector's satisfaction, the Notice and Order can be revoked.

Below is a list of Notice and Orders that have been issued since 2009:

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Date Region Location Railway Company or Person Date of Revocation
View 2023-02-21
Pacific Mountain Subdivision Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP)
View 2022-12-09
Prairie and Northern Leduc Subdivision Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) 2022-12-09
View 2022-11-24
Quebec Vaudreuil Subdivision Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP) 2023-04-14
View 2022-10-24
Atlantic Springhill Subdivision Canadian National Railway Company (CN), VIA Rail and City of Moncton

Revoked in Part on December 16, 2022

View 2022-06-21
Pacific Cascade Subdivision Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP) 2022-06-23
View 2022-02-10
Quebec Outremont Spur City of Montreal and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP)
View 2021-09-08
Ontario Brockville Municipality of Merrickville-Wolford and the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville 2021-12-03
View 2021-03-02
Prairie and Northern Laggan Subdivision Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) 2022-02-10
View 2019-05-07
Quebec Sherbrooke Subdivision Central Maine & Quebec Railway (CMQR) 2019-09-11
View 2019-02-28
Prairie and Northern Walker and Clover Bay Yard Canadian National Railway (CN) 2019-11-13
View 2019-01-18
Prairie and Northern Alyth yard Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) 2019-01-28
View 2018-10-19
Prairie and Northern Wainwright Subdivision Canadian National Railway (CN) 2018-10-20
View 2018-01-12
Prairie and Northern Scotford, Bissell, Clover & Walker Yards Canadian National Railway (CN) 2018-04-06
View 2017-08-02
Quebec Montreal Branch Subdivision CSX Transportation Inc. 2017-12-15
View 2017-07-14
Quebec Montreal Branch Subdivision CSX Transportation Inc.

Items 1, 2 3, 5 and 6 revoked

Item 4 re-issued in N&O of August 2, 2017

View 2017-05-05
Quebec St-Luc Yard Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) 2017-10-11
View 2016-08-23
Quebec St-Luc Yard Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
View 2016-07-15
Quebec Taschereau Yard Canadian National Railway (CNR) 2016-11-30
View 2016-06-13
Quebec St. Luc Yard Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) 2016-06-16
View 2016-05-26
Ontario Canal, Thorold and Cayuga Spurs Trillium Railway (TR) 2016-08-12
View 2016-04-15
Quebec Garneau and Taschereau Yards Canadian National Railway (CNR) 2016-06-10
View 2016-02-19
Ontario Halton Subdivision Canadian National Railway (CNR) 2017-07-07
View 2016-01-14
Pacific Multiple locations across CP within B.C., including but not limited to Roberts Bank, Coquitlam, and Kamloops Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) 2016-10-19
View 2015-12-11
Ontario Windsor Subdivision Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) 2015-12-18
View 2015-11-27
Quebec CN's LaTuque Subdivision Individual