Notice: Job opportunities for local contractors and for persons residing near the Lac-Mégantic area

Steps towards the Lac-Mégantic rail bypass construction project continue, including a call-out for local contractors and for persons residing in the area (mainly Frontenac, Nantes and Lac-Mégantic).

Opportunities for local contractors

We’re looking for local contractors, with expertise in the fields listed below, who might be interested in participating in this major rail construction project.

We’re looking for contractors with experience:

  • providing various trucking operations for earthworks and other construction materials
  • conducting major excavation and earthworks
  • constructing reinforced concrete bridge and other structures
  • elevating steel spans
  • building retaining walls
  • reconstructing or modifying street sections
  • building a stormwater drainage system, including major and minor culverts
  • installing absorbent and reflective sound barriers
  • installing electrical and telecommunications material

Opportunities for local residents

Looking for persons residing in the area (mainly Frontenac, Nantes and Lac-Mégantic) who might be interested in doing work related to the rail bypass construction project, including work related to the fields listed above.

If you’re a local contractor or resident and are interested in this job opportunity, please email Transport Canada at or call 819-237-9475 and provide your:

  • company name, area of expertise and address, and
  • contact name, telephone number and e-mail address

Transport Canada and Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC) will forward any appropriate expressions of interest to the project proponent, for their consideration and decision. Interested local contractors and residents must also agree that the information they provide will be shared with CPKC and other construction companies for the project.


  • This notice is not an offer to contract, and it does not guarantee that a contract will be awarded to a local contractor or resident that has expressed an interest
  • Work can only begin once regulatory approvals have been granted, including from the Canadian Transportation Agency