R18-01 - Crossing accident in Moncton

R16M0026 – Crossing accident in Moncton, New Brunswick on July 27, 2016

Transportation Safety Board full-text report (R16M0026)

Transportation Safety Board (TSB) Recommendation R18-01

From the TSB final report

The Board recommends that:

"The Department of Transport work with stakeholders to identify engineering options for the improvement of crossings designated for persons using assistive devices, conduct an assessment of their effectiveness, and update its regulatory provisions as appropriate." R18-01

Transport Canada’s Response R18-01

Transport Canada agrees in principle with the recommendation. The department will review available literature and studies describing engineering options, in addition to those already contained in the Grade Crossing Regulations, to improve the safety of crossings designated for persons using assistive devices. The department will also consult with stakeholders, such as railways and road authorities, to further identify and assess engineering options.

Finally, before recommending changes to the current regulatory requirements, thorough study, analysis and possibly field trials of the proposed measures, along with a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis (as required by the Cabinet Directive on Regulatory Management), would be undertaken.