KidsEmbrace Cinderella combination booster – incorrect minimum weight on booster label

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TP 14566 — Public Notice
2015-P07 E
January 4, 2016


KidsEmbrace, LLC 
4820 Rusina Road Suite C
Colorado Springs CO
80907 USA

Importer and distributor:

Trillium Sales & Distribution Inc.
80 Centennial Road, Unit #9
Orangeville, ON
L9W 1P9

Consumer contact:

Customer Service: 1-866-947-3287

Media Contact:
Chad Sparling  1-866-947-3287 ext 1111

Models affected:

KidsEmbrace Friendship Series Cinderella Combination Booster Seat

Model Numbers:

Dates of Manufacture:

2015-02-02 and 2015-02-06

Number of Units:


Geographical Distribution:

Across Canada


KidsEmbrace and Transport Canada wish to inform the public of a non-compliance involving certain Friendship series Cinderella combination restraint systems/booster seats.  An English label incorrectly states the booster seat can be used for children with a minimum weight of 14 kg (30 lbs). The weight range is 18 to 45 kg (40 to 100lbs). The French label and the instruction manual provide the correct information.

Safety Risk:

If a consumer follows the English booster label weight recommendation, they may prematurely remove the internal harness of the restraint to use the car seat as a belt-positioning booster when their child reaches 14 kg (30 lbs).  The French label and instructions do indicate the correct minimum weight of 18 kg (40 lbs) when using the seat as a booster.  Both KidsEmbrace and Transport Canada encourage consumers to use the car seat with the internal harness up to the maximum weight of 30 kg (65 lbs), provided the child also meets the height recommendations.

Company Action:

Transport Canada’s research program uncovered the non-compliance condition.  Upon being made aware of the issue, KidsEmbrace reviewed the labels and instructions immediately and ensured that all new production labels would have the corrected weight of 18 to 45 kg (40 to 100 lbs).  Any consumer making contact with Trillium Sales and Distribution or KidsEmbrace will be advised to use the Cinderella car seat as a belt-positioning booster when their child reaches 18 kg (40 lbs) and not 14 kg (30 lbs).

Trillium Sales and Distribution will contact all registered consumers and provide them, free of charge, the updated label together with instructions how to affix it over the existing label.

Consumer Recourse:

Consumers should ensure that they are not using the product as a belt-positioning booster if their child weighs less than 18 kg (40 lbs).

All non-registered consumers or consumers who have moved are encouraged to contact KidsEmbrace, LLC by email or by phone for instructions on obtaining the replacement label. The affected seats should not be returned to retailers or the company.