Notice of Decision – 2000007 ONT. INC d.b.a Inkas


In the interest of safety, in accordance with section 10.5 of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Act), and following the process set out in subsection 10.7(1) of the Act, the Minister of Transport has issued an order against 2000007 ONT. INC., doing business as Inkas, in relation to two vehicles the company altered in 2016.

This order follows a preliminary determination, made in accordance with paragraph 10.7(1)(a) of the Act, which was made public in September 2021, the second such determination published in relation to Inkas.

The order forces Inkas to correct non-compliances to the Act that they previously identified in 2021 but did not correct adequately.

As per section 10.51 of the Act, Inkas may correct the non-compliance by doing one of the following:

  • repairing the vehicles, including by adding to, removing anything from or modifying the vehicles, as the circumstances require;
  • replacing the vehicles with a reasonable equivalent; or
  • reimbursing
    • the reasonable cost of repairs to the vehicles that have already been undertaken before a notice of non-compliance has been given, or
    • the sale price of the vehicles, less reasonable depreciation in the case where the vehicle has been sold to the first retail purchaser, on return of the vehicle.

This decision is published in accordance with subsection 10.7(4) of the Act, which obligates the Minister to publish a notice of the final decision it through the Internet or by any other means that he or she considers appropriate.

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