Notice of decision – Fiat Chrysler automobiles power steering hose failures


This notice is to advise of the Minister of Transport’s Final Determination regarding power steering hose failures on certain Chrysler and Dodge vehicles. This provides resolution to the Minister’s Preliminary Determination made on April 20, 2016 and the Update published on May 10, 2016.

Given that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Canada Inc. (FCA) has issued a recall for the Dodge Journey and demonstrated why the passenger car models identified in the Preliminary Determination do not exhibit the same problem, the Minister of Transport wishes to advise that he has made a Final Determination that is it not necessary to order FCA to issue a Notice of Defect.

The Minister of Transport thanks all those who provided input on this matter. This notice explains the Final Determination.


On April 20, 2016, the Minister of Transport issued a Preliminary Determination indicating that it was in the interest of safety to order FCA to notify owners that certain 2009-2016 Dodge Journey multi-purpose passenger vehicles and certain 2007-2013 Chrysler 200, Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger passenger cars contain a safety defect in power steering return hoses which may result in a loss of power steering.

On May 5, 2016, FCA issued a Notice of Defect (commonly referred to as a safety recall) to Transport Canada for 2009-2016 Dodge Journey multi-purpose passenger vehicles. Information on the recall can be found in Transport Canada Recall No. 2016-202. The recall affects approximately 187,436 vehicles in Canada. FCA has instructed dealers to replace the power steering return-side hoses with improved parts that are designed for extreme cold weather performance.

Transport Canada received comments from over 140 people regarding the Preliminary Determination, including personal experiences with hose failures. The large majority of reports came from Dodge Journey owners.

Transport Canada is not aware of any serious motor vehicle crashes, injuries, or fatalities related to a failure of the described components.

Transport Canada reviewed the public feedback along with technical information provided by FCA in response to the Preliminary Determination regarding failures on the passenger car models. Engineering analysis and testing showed that, while the passenger car models use components similar to those on the Dodge Journey, they are functionally different and, as a result, are not affected in the same way.

Next steps

If you own a 2009-2016 Dodge Journey:

  • FCA issued safety recall S09 (TC #2016-202) and mailed notification letters in June 2016 instructing owners of affected vehicles to contact their local dealership to have repairs completed. You can check if this recall applies to your vehicle on the FCA website:;
  • Consult Transport Canada’s publication “The Importance of Having Recalled Vehicles Repaired” for general information about recalls;
  • If you have a problem with your vehicle, or if you have not yet received a recall letter, you are advised to contact a local Dodge dealership or FCA Canada Customer Care at 1-800-465-2001.

If you own a 2007-2013 Chrysler 200, Chrysler Sebring or Dodge Avenger:

  • Transport Canada believes that there are important differences between the steering system on these vehicle models and that on the recalled Dodge Journey multi-purpose passenger vehicles;
  • If you have a problem with your vehicle, you are advised to contact a local Chrysler or Dodge dealership or FCA Canada Customer Care at 1-800-465-2001.

If you have any concerns on this or any other vehicle safety issue, you may submit your comments to Transport Canada by: