Sunshine Kids Radian infant/child restraint system safestop load-limiting device

TP14566 - Public Notice
Child Restraint Systems
2007-P02 E



Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products, LLC
25612 74th Avenue South
Kent, WA 98032
Tel.: (253) 859-5700
Fax: (253) 859-5800



Importer, Distributor and Consumer Contact:
Peter John M. Distributions Inc.
88 SW Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC V5X 2R1
Tel.: (604) 324-2851
Toll-Free: 1-888-597-0992
Fax: (604) 324-2876

Models and Model Numbers Affected:
Radian - C10600
Radian Premier - C18500

Dates of Manufacture:
July 2006 to January 2007, inclusive

Number of Units:

Geographic Distribution:
Across Canada

These restraint system models use SafeStop, a patented load-limiting device designed to absorb energy and reduce forces imparted to forward-facing child occupants weighing under 18.5 kg (40 lbs) during motor vehicle collisions. SafeStop helps to reduce head, neck and chest loading to the smaller child occupants by allowing more "ride down" time.

Under routine dynamic sled tests conducted as part of Transport Canada's compliance-testing program, it was found that, in some tests using a forward-facing three-year-old child anthropomorphic test device (ATD), the SafeStop load-limiting device allowed a portion of the head of the ATD to slightly exceed the 720-mm forward excursion limit specified in Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS) 213 - Child Restraint Systems. In all other configurations using the three-year-old child ATD or any other ATD, these restraint system models otherwise met all applicable dynamic testing requirements of both CMVSS 213 and 213.1 - Infant Restraint Systems.

Safety Risk:
The prescribed limitation on the amount of forward head excursion that can be experienced by the ATD during dynamic testing helps to reduce the risk of injury that a child occupant in a forward-facing child restraint system may incur as a result of contact with other vehicle interior surfaces during a motor vehicle collision.

Notwithstanding the above, there have been, to date, no reported injuries associated with the use of the SafeStop load-limiting device. As well, the test results have shown that the overall safety benefits afforded by SafeStop would outweigh the relative injury risk associated with a marginally higher head excursion performance than that permitted by the regulatory requirement.

Company Action:
Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products LLC (Sunshine Kids) has completed an intensive research program to affect an engineering solution. Independent testing completed by Sunshine Kids, including tests under Transport Canada's observation, has facilitated a re-engineered SafeStop load-limiting device. Sunshine Kids has worked expeditiously with its suppliers to ensure the new device allows less excursion yet still provides reduced loads to forward-facing child occupants weighing under 18.5 kg (40 lbs).

Effective June 18, 2007, the new SafeStop load-limiting device will be made available to retailers and consumers. Replacement SafeStop kits will be distributed free-of-charge by Peter John M. Distributions Inc. (PJM Distributions) to all retailers and registered consumers.

Consumer Recourse:
Consumers who have completed and returned their registration card will receive by mail the replacement SafeStop kit in the very near future. Those who have not sent in the registration card should register online at or by contacting PJM Distributions at 1-888-597-0992.

When the replacement SafeStop kit is received, consumers should simply cut and discard the original SafeStop load-limiting device (black webbing with orange thread), and replace it with the new version (all black webbing).

Until the replacement SafeStop kit is received, both Sunshine Kids and Transport Canada urge parents and caregivers to continue using the original SafeStop load-limiting device with forward-facing child occupants weighing under 18.5 kg (40 lbs).

Sunshine Kids Radian
Model Number C10600


Original SafeStop Device

SafeStop Load-Limiting Device Installed in the Harness System


Replacement SafeStop Device

Transport Canada: 1-800-333-0371

Release Date: May 18, 2007