True Fit infant/child restraint system – incorrect French language label

TP 14566
Public Notice
Child Restraint Systems
2008-P04 E
July 3, 2008



Learning Curve Brands, Inc.
1111 W. 22nd Street
Suite 320
Oakbrook IL 60523
Tel.: 781-341-6250 x223
Fax: 937-293-9130



Consumer Contact:
Tel: 1-888-899-2229

Model and Model Numbers Affected:
True Fit C630C

Dates of Manufacture:
2008/31/03 to 2008/05/04

Number of Units:

Geographic Distribution:






Learning Curve Brands, Inc. and Transport Canada wish to inform the public of an error on a French language label affixed to the side of the True Fit infant/child seat. The pictogram portion of the label incorrectly identifies the weights for the rear and forward facing usage modes. The correct weight ranges are as stipulated on the English language label as well as in the bilingual instruction manual.

Safety Risk:

Use of the restraint system is not affected where the correct weight ranges, as stipulated on the English language label and in the bilingual instruction manual are followed.

Background and Company Action:

Transport Canada received an email from a certified Children's Restraint System Technician advising of an error on the French language label. The pictogram portion of the French label incorrectly stated that the weight range for the rear-facing mode was from 10.5 to 29 kg (23 to 65 pounds) while the forward-facing mode weight range was from 2.3 to 10 kg (5 to 22 pounds). The weight ranges had been inadvertently reversed. The correct weight ranges on the French language label should read rear-facing mode from 2.3 to 10 kg (5 to 22 pounds) and forward-facing from 10.5 to 29 kg (23 to 65 pounds).

Learning Curves Brands, Inc. was informed of the discrepancy immediately. The company stopped shipment of the product into Canada and had retail outlets stop sales until new labels could be printed.

The company has reprinted the affected label and has identified the new label with a green dot in the bottom right corner. The carton and the registration card will also be marked with a green check label to indicate that the recall has been performed.

Consumer Recourse:

All registered and non-registered consumers that contact Learning Curve Brands, Inc. at their toll free number (1-888-899-2229) will receive, free of charge, a repair kit consisting of a new label and instructions on how to install the label.

Until the French language label can be replaced, the restraint system can continue to be used in accordance with the English language label and the instruction manual. The affected restraint systems should not be returned to the retailer.

Transport Canada: 1-800-333-0371

Release Date: July 3, 2008