Automatic high beam


As a vehicle approaches the vehicle's headlights automatically adjust the lighting from high to low.

How this technology works

Automatic high beams automatically switch a vehicle’s headlights between high and low beams depending on the road’s light conditions and oncoming traffic.

This technology differs from adaptive driving beam systems, which selectively dim or turn-off part of the lights to reduce glare for drivers in nearby vehicles.


Automatic high beams use sensors and/or cameras to detect when other vehicles approach and automatically adjust the vehicle headlights based on traffic and lighting conditions.

This system automatically activates when it detects other vehicles ahead or senses other lighting along the road.

Other names for this technology

  • High beams assist
  • Auto high-beams
  • Semi-automatic beam switching headlamps

Things for drivers to keep in mind

  • These systems are designed to help you drive, but they don't replace your attention and judgement
  • If this system is available on the vehicle you’re driving, read the vehicle’s manual to learn more about this system, including its abilities and limits