Canada’s Vehicle Cyber Security Assessment Tool (VCAT)

Canada’s Vehicle Cyber Security Assessment Tool (VCAT) is a voluntary self-assessment tool. It was developed to help vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers assess the cyber security performance and resilience of their vehicles and vehicle components.

Who should use the tool?

The VCAT is intended primarily for vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, but may have applicability for other stakeholders in the motor vehicle sector. The self-assessment questions are applicable for all vehicle types with varying degrees of connectivity and automated features, including light passenger vehicles, heavy truck, automated shuttles, smart trailers, and electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) vendors.

How it Works

The tool includes a self-assessment questionnaire to evaluate the cyber security performance and resilience of vehicles and vehicle components.

Once the questionnaire is complete, respondents will be provided with a score on their cyber security posture, as well recommended mitigation measures. The main focus of the VCAT is on recent and current model years (and vehicles that are in the architectural design phase), but the tool can also be used to assess older vehicles, vehicle components, and different vehicle types.

Benefits to Your Organization

The VCAT will help you understand your cyber security posture in technical and policy areas. It will also highlight your organization’s strengths as well as areas that could benefit from enhanced resilience practices. In this way, the tool provides a baseline measurement which can help improve your cyber security programs for existing vehicles and products.

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Respondents are encouraged to submit their completed assessments as well as any questions or comments to Transport Canada: The data collected will inform future policies, guidance, and tools.


A designated point of contact should be identified in the VCAT under the User Information section to answer any questions related to the information provided. Should detailed self-assessments containing sensitive information be shared with Transport Canada, the Department will take all reasonable measures to ensure the information provided is protected.