Canada's Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Council

In March 2023, the Government of Canada launched a new Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Council aimed at bringing together parties to identify, discuss, and work on solutions to speed-up the switch to zero-emission vehicles.

This initiative builds on activities initiated under the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, such as the 2017 advisory group where federal, provincial and territorial governments convened with experts across industry, consumer groups, non-governmental organizations, and academia in order to develop options for addressing key barriers to the greater deployment of ZEVs. Other activities the initiative builds on include vehicle regulations, as well as federal and provincial ZEV programs.


This Council will help to assess progress towards Canada's zero-emission vehicle sales targets and provide advice for improving existing zero-emission vehicle policies or identifying other measures to pursue. It's a solutions-oriented group made up of experts from federal/provincial/territorial governments, industry, non-governmental organizations, and academia. The council meets quarterly and can add other meetings, as needed.

Council members

Council members have a wide range of backgrounds from Canada's zero-emission vehicle sector. Transport Canada chairs the council, with participation from Natural Resources Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Infrastructure Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, and all provinces and territories.

The following non-governmental organizations are members:

  • Associated Canadian Car Rental Operators
  • Automotive Industries Association of Canada
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association
  • Canadian Automobile Association
  • Canadian Automotive Dealers Association
  • Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
  • Canadian Transportation Equipment Association
  • Canadian Trucking Alliance
  • Canadian Vehicle Manufactures' Association
  • Clean Energy Canada
  • Electricity Canada
  • Electric Mobility Canada
  • Environmental Defense
  • Équiterre
  • EV Society
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  • Freight Management Association of Canada
  • Global Automakers of Canada
  • International Council on Clean Transportation
  • North American Council for Freight Efficiency
  • Pembina Institute
  • PIT Group
  • Plug'n Drive
  • Pollution Probe
  • Private Motor Truck Council of Canada
  • Propulsion Quebec
  • Retail Council of Canada
  • Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team
  • Tesla Motors Canada
  • Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association
  • Truck Renting and Leasing Association

Priority areas and working groups

The Council has chosen these 3 areas to focus on first, for both light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles:

  • affordability (for example, considering the used ZEV market, total cost of ownership, and addressing equity concerns)
  • public and industry confidence (including ZEV awareness, outreach, skills development, and equity and inclusion), and
  • charging and refueling (for example understanding charging needs in different contexts, ensuring adequate infrastructure, current codes and standards for charging, and reliability)

A working group has been created for each priority area, to assess barriers and opportunities and identify practical solutions. To date, working groups have focused on further research, analysis, environmental scanning, engagement on specific topics, sharing information with relevant stakeholders, identifying programs and policies used in other jurisdictions, and piloting specific projects.

To keep a balance of perspectives on the Council, working group members are assigned at the discretion of working group co-leads. Working group members can include a number of technical or subject matter experts.

Contact us

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